The effects of a righteous spouse 

Joe Bradford:
I studied Arabic grammar in Medinah with Sh. Muhammad Uheed al-Shinqiti, among others. 
I once asked him when he memorized the Quran. He said when he was a child. I said “Is it true that you memorized it by the time you were 4 years old?” (I had heard this from a friend.)
He looked away shyly then turned and said: 
“Yes. Since I was able to sit up on my own, my mother would place me at her feet while tending to work in our home. She would review several juz’ everyday depending on her workload. I sat there and heard the Quran recited more than 100 times before I was 4 years old. This is why I was able to memorize before being able to read and write.”
May God bless all the mothers of our community to be like his.
Salah Sharief shared this post and added something I think is important to share as well:
“Choosing your spouse is arguably the most important decision you’ll ever make. Your children are your extension. If you care about your legacy more than your desires, you will choose differently.”

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