Tank check game 

“The game is called ‘tank check’, and it is played like this. When you come home, one of you says to the other, ‘on a scale of zero to ten, how is your love tank tonight?’ Zero means empty, and 10 means ‘I am full of love and can’t handle any more.’ You give a reading on your emotional love tank – 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, or 0, indicating how full it is. Your spouse says, ‘what could I do to help fill it.?’
Then you make a suggestion-something you would like your spouse to do or say that evening. To the best of his ability, he will respond to your request. Then you repeat the process in the reverse order so that both of you have the opportunity to do a reading on your love tank and to make a suggestion toward filling it. If you play the game for three weeks, you will be hooked on it, and it can be a playful way of stimulating love expressions in your marriage.”

The 5 love languages Gary Chapman

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