Most men just don’t know

“Most men have little awareness of how important it is to a woman to feel supported by someone who cares. Women are happy when they believe their needs will be met. When a woman is upset, overwhelmed, confused, exhausted, or hopeless what she needs most simple is companionship. She needs to feel she is not alone. She needs to feel loved and cherished.
Empathy, understanding, validation and companionship go a long way to assist her in becoming more receptive and appreciative of his support. Men don’t realise this because their Martian instincts tell them it’s best best to be alone when they are upset. When she is upset, out of respect he will leave her alone, or if he stays he makes matters worse by trying to solve her problems. He does not instinctively realise how very important closeness, intimacy and sharing are to her. What she needs most is just someone to listen.
Through sharing her feelings she begins to remember that she is worthy of love and that her needs will be fulfilled. Doubt and mistrust melt away. Her tendency to be compulsive relaxes as she remembers that she is worthy of love she doesn’t have to earn it; she can relax, give less and receive more. She deserves it.”
Men are from Mars women are from Venus 

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