Making use of the night…

ما شاء الله this is what you call making use of your nights:

‎قال الدارقطني :
‎“كان الإمام سليم بن عتر – فَقِيه مصر وقاضيها- يختم كل ليلة ثلاث ختمات، ويأتي امرأته ويغتسل ثلاث مرات، وأنها قالت بعد موته: رحمك الله، لقد كنت ترضي ربك، وترضي أهلك

‎سير أعلام النبلاء

Darqutni said:

Al-Imam saleem bin ‘itr, scholar of jurisprudence and a Judge in Egypt, used to complete the Quran three times every night and also approach his wife, and he would perform ghusul three times in the same night.

After he passed away رحمة الله عليه his wife said:

May Allah have mercy on you. You would please your Lord and please your woman.

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