Brief Advice for New Muslim Couples – Sh. Alaa

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

1. The Boat Theory : you both are now in the same boat in this ocean called ‘life’. And there’s no smooth sailing in this ocean (life). That’ll be in Jannah inshaa’Allah. Even Prophet salalahu ‘alayhi wasalam had challenges in marital life. You have to work it together. You mustn’t compete with each other; rather you must complete each other.


2. The Castle Theory: when you venture out and leave your family to live with a complete stranger, things change. How many kings can there be in a castle? (this is for sisters)


3. The String Theory: life is like a very fine thread which is easily breakable. You hold it from one end and she holds the other end. If she pulls, you must let go lest the thread ‘breaks’. Who’s the strong man after all? The one who controls anger.


4. The Computer Theory: when a person who knows nothing about computers, is given one, he gets frustrated and would want to return it back because he has no idea how to use it or make it function. But when the same person is taught about computers, he wouldn’t be able to live without it. Such is the case of an individual with his spouse. Since he (or she) hasn’t been exposed to the opposite gender in this manner before marriage inshaa’Allah then he/she must educate himself/herself about the basics to be able to reach a level that they are able not live without them!

– OUC, May 2012

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