Love & Marriage | Shaykh Abdul Aziz Ahmed

A beautiful Dars about the spirit of marriage and relationships in Islam. It constitutes a welcome departure from the obsession of legal rights in marriage and guides us to reflect upon the true nature of our spouse and the practical realities of how we should deal with each other

Download here:

About the speaker:

Born & Educated in Nottingham, he qualified as a teacher from Leicester, taught in England, Scotland, USA, South Africa and Saudi Arabia as well as Consultancy work in Turkey and Jordan.

Travelled to Tunisia, Hijaz, Yemen, Turkey and East Africa for Islamic studies.

Studied under al-Habib Ahmed Mashur al-Haddad (Jeddah), Shaykh Abdul-Rahman al-Khitamy (Kenya), Fethullah Gulen (Turkey) Abul-Qasim bin Zein (Qairnawan, Tunisia). Spent 10 years with Shaykh Mahmud Galal, a lecturer at al-Azhar.

Translated ‘al-Risalah al-Jamiah of Ahmed bin Zein al-Habashi. Edited some of the books from Risali al-Nur and speeches of Fethullah Gulen

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